5 January 2011

Dead birds and fish: Bible prophecy Web searches explode

A dead red wing blackbird found in Louisiana Monday, Jan. 3.
A dead red wing blackbird found in Louisiana Monday, Jan. 3.

As hundreds more dead blackbirds were found in Louisana Monday, Jan. 3, and added to the 4,000 that fell from the sky New Year’s Eve in Arkansas, thousands of dead fish are also in the mix.

The incidents have prompted Christian sects to look to the Bible and, most importantly, to the sky, for more alleged signs of apocalyptic happenings.
While no one person, not even self-proclaimed prophets, know if God of the Christian Bible is now ushering mankind into the End Times, many believe this week’s dead birds and fish are a sign the Great Tribulation talked about in the book of Revelation and Daniel is fast approaching.
As soon as reports of the 4,000 dead birds in Arkansas hit the Web, Saturday, forums were littered with prophecy comments.
The discussion is now on for those stating that the Seventh Seal has been opened and others who are predicting widespread pestilence in coming weeks.
As of Tuesday afternoon, Jan. 4, forum moderators and preachers have been busy answering questions about whether God has finally revealed that the return of Jesus Christ will be sooner than many believers think.
As for the dead birds and fish, biologists believe all died from explainable causes. Fish were obviously sick or victims of pollutants, one biologist said Sunday.
Bird experts reported Tuesday that the some 5,000 red wing blackbirds and starlings were probably spooked by New Year’s Eve fireworks and flew into inclement weather where they met heavy ice, rain, snow and wind.
Meantime, Internet keyword searches continue to register off the charts. Queries like “dead fish Bible,” dead birds and fish Revelation,” dead birds and fish die End Times.” were being entered by the million Tuesday.
End Time Prophecy: The abbreviated version...
According to the book of Revelation (depending on how one interprets prophetic code), there will be an increase in earthquakes, floods, war, and strange phenomena before God ushers mankind into the Great Tribulation, a three-and-half- year period of poverty, war, persecution, disease and mass death.
Most Christians believe God will unleash the wrath while world powers move closer to one final battle between good and evil--the battle of Armageddon.  
According to Christians, Jesus Christ will return to Earth to save mankind from destroying the world, while non-believers, and the devil, will be thrown into an eternal lake of fire.
What about the dead birds and fish? Both are believed to be among those weeded-out during the first stages of the period.
Whether these events will unfold lies with those who believe in Bible prophecy. However, according to prophecy, as many understand it, they will occur before Christ returns.
According to studies, 41 percent of Americans believe Jesus Christ will return by 2050. The remaining 59 percent make up those who predict other dates and groups who don’t believe in the Second Coming.

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