22 May 2012

Girl Kidnapped and Murdered for 'Vatican Sex Parties'..... Revelations from Vatican's OWN Chief Exorcist

Satanic Ritual Abuse... 'Evidence the Devil is still at work in the Vatican'

Missing girl 'buried in murdered mobster's tomb was kidnapped for Vatican sex parties', claims Catholic Church's leading exorcist priest
  • Father Gabriel Amorth, 85, has carried out more than 70,000 exorcisms
  • Previously said yoga and Harry Potter are 'the work of the Devil'
  • Emanuela Orlandi, 15, went missing in Rome in 1983
  • Gangster Enrico De Pedis's tomb opened last week after TV show tip-off

Outspoken: Father Gabriel Amorth said the 15-year-old was kidnapped for Vatican sex parties
Outspoken: Father Gabriel Amorth said the 15-year-old was kidnapped for Vatican sex parties
The Catholic Church's leading exorcist priest has sensationally claimed a missing schoolgirl thought to be buried in a murdered gangster's tomb was kidnapped for Vatican sex parties.

Father Gabriel Amorth, 85, who has carried out 70,000 exorcisms, spoke out as investigators continued to examine mobster Enrico De Pedis's tomb in their hunt for Emanuela Orlandi.

Last week police and forensic experts broke into the grave after an anonymous phone call to a TV show said the truth about Emanuela's 1983 disappearance would be 'found there'.

And although bones not belonging to the mobster were recovered they have not yet been positively identified as hers.

However Father Amorth, in an interview with La Stampa newspaper, said: 'This was a crime with a sexual motive.
'It has already previously been stated by (deceased) monsignor Simeone Duca, an archivist at the Vatican, who was asked to recruit girls for parties with the help of the Vatican gendarmes.

'I believe Emanuela ended up in this circle. I have never believed in the international theory (overseas kidnappers). I have motives to believe that this was just a case of sexual exploitation.

'It led to the murder and then the hiding of her body. Also involved are diplomatic staff from a foreign embassy to the Holy See.' 

Today there was no immediate response from the Vatican to Father Amorth's claims.

But Vatican officials insisted they had always co-operated with the investigation into Orlandi's disappearance - a claim that her brother has often disputed.

Mobster: De Pedis, left, is believed to have been linked to the kidnapping and murder of Emanuela Orlandi, right, who disappeared aged 15 in 1983
Kidnapped: Emanuela Orlandi vanished in 1983, aged just 15
Mobster: De Pedis (left) is believed to have been linked to the kidnapping and murder of Emanuela Orlandi (right), who disappeared aged 15 in 1983

Father Amorth is a colourful figure who in the past has also denounced yoga and Harry Potter as the 'work of the Devil'. He was appointed by the late Pope John Paul II as the Vatican's chief exorcist.

It is not the first time Father Amorth has raised eyebrows with his forthright views - two years ago he said sex scandals rocking the Catholic Church were evidence 'the Devil was at work in the Vatican.'
    In 2006, Father Amorth, who was ordained a priest in 1954, gave an interview to Vatican Radio in which he said Nazi leader Adolf Hitler and Russian dictator Josef Stalin were possessed by the Devil.

    According to secret Vatican documents recently released the then wartime Pope Pius XII attempted a 'long distance exorcism' of Hitler but it failed to have any effect.

    Claims: The 15-year-old was kidnapped for Vatican sex parties, it has been claimed
    Claims: The 15-year-old was kidnapped for Vatican sex parties, it has been claimed

    Charismatic mobster De Pedis, leader of a murderous gang known as the Banda della Magliana, was gunned down aged just 38, by members of his outfit after they fell out.

    Detectives investigating the disappearance of Emanuela Orlandi, 15, in 1983, believe De Pedis is linked to her kidnap and the body of the Vatican employee's daughter has never been found.

    Last month the diocese of Rome, on orders from the Vatican, granted investigators permission to open up the tomb in the Sant'Apollinare basilica close to Piazza Navona in the centre of Rome.

    At the time of his funeral there were raised eyebrows when despite his criminal past church chiefs allowed De Pedis to be buried in the crypt of Sant'Apollinare.

    At the time it was said the burial was given the go ahead because prison chaplain Father Vergari told bishops that De Pedis had 'repented while in jail and also done a lot of work for charity,' including large donations to the Catholic Church.

    A burial service truck enters the courtyard of Sant' Apollinare Basilica, in Rome, before the tomb of mobster Enrico De Pedis was opened
    A burial service truck enters the courtyard of Sant' Apollinare Basilica, in Rome, before the tomb of mobster Enrico De Pedis was opened
    Police officers stand outside Sant' Apollinare Basilica, in Rome, as a priest leaves
    Police officers stand outside Sant' Apollinare Basilica, in Rome, as a priest leaves

    De Pedis, whose name on the £12,000 tomb is spelt in diamonds, was buried in Sant'Apollinare church after he was gunned down in 1990 in the city's famous Campo De Fiori.

    He and his gang controlled the lucrative drug market in Rome and were also rumoured to have a 'free hand' because of their links with police and Italian secret service agents.

    The disappearance of Orlandi reads like the roller coaster plot of a Dan Brown Da Vinci Code thriller with a touch of The Godfather thrown in for good measure.

    Twelve years ago a skull was found in the confessional box of a Rome church and tests were carried out on it to see if it was Orlandi after a mystery tip off but they proved negative.

    In 2008 Sabrina Minardi, De Pedis girlfriend at the time of Orlandi's disappearance, sensationally claimed that now dead American monsignor Paul Marcinkus, the controversial chief of the Vatican bank, was behind the kidnap.

    Forensic police unload equipment in the courtyard of Sant' Apollinare Basilica, in Rome
    Forensic police unload equipment in the courtyard of Sant' Apollinare Basilica, in Rome

    Monsignor Marcinkus used his status to avoid being questioned by police in the early 1980's probing the collapse of a Banco Ambrosiano which the Vatican had invested heavily in.

    The collapse was linked to the murder of Roberto Calvi dubbed God's Banker because of the Vatican links and his body was found hanging under Blackfriars Bridge in London in June 1982.

    His pockets filled with cash and stones and it was originally recorded as a suicide but police believe he was murdered by the Mafia after a bungled money laundering operation.

    At the same time as Minardi made her claim a mystery caller to a missing person’s programme on Italian TV said the riddle of Orlandi’s kidnap would be solved 'if De Pedis tomb was opened'.

    Following Minardi claims the Vatican took the unusual step of speaking publicly and dismissed her claims about American Monsignor Marcinkus, who died in Arizona four years ago.

    `Missing person: Pietro Orlandi, Emanuela's brother said it was time for the Vatican to come clean about what it knows of Emanuela's disappearance
    Missing person: Pietro Orlandi, Emanuela's brother said it was time for the Vatican to come clean about what it knows of Emanuela's disappearance


    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2148071/Missing-girl-15-buried-murdered-mobsters-tomb-kidnapped-Vatican-sex-parties-claims-Catholic-Churchs-leading-exorcist-priest.html#ixzz1vd79j5hb

    18 May 2012

    Top Obama Aide Warns Russia “End Of World” Near

    A new report prepared by the Foreign Intelligence Servicecirculating in the Kremlin today says that the United States top National Security Advisor to President Obama, Thomas Donilon, was granted a “rushed meeting” with President Putin this past Friday wherein he warned the Russian leader that the world as we know it may be about to end.
    According to this report, the Obama regime became alarmed last week after Russia’s top military official, Chief of the General Staff Nikolai Makarovthreatened to carry out a pre-emptive strike if Washington goes ahead with its plan to build a missile defense shield in Eastern Europe, after which Donilon was dispatched to Moscow by a frightened Obama.
    From the very outset of this meeting, this report says, a “highly agitated” Donilon proceeded to denounce Russia’s threats and “non-cooperation” with the US over a number of international issues, including Syria, warning that Moscow’s actions could very well lead to Obama losing his upcoming election and putting into office Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney who during a recent CNN interview stated that: “Russia, this is, without question, our number one geopolitical foe.
    In responding to Donilon, this report continues, Putin stated that it didn’t matter to Russia who the US president was as the record clearly shows that Obama has done nothing since being in office other than continue Bush’s agenda of strict totalitarian domestic rule meant to aid America’s global hegemony. Putin further added Russia’s “extreme displeasure” that Obama has continued to protect the Wall Street “gangsters” who collapsed the global economy in 2008.
    As this meeting neared its end, this report states, Donilon became “decidedly dejected” and voiced his concern to Putin that everything they were talking about may, in fact, be pointless and cryptically stated, “what’s the difference in any of this anyway; Nostradamus is the one in charge, none of us may even have a world to live in before this year’s out.”

    This report ends by stating that Putin was “stunned” by Donilon’s strange remark after which the meeting ended with no further comments or appendages by the Kremlin or other Russian ministries, or officials.
    To why a high-ranking Obama national security official like Donilon would make such a cryptic remark referring to the 16th century prophet Michel de Nostredame [1503-1566] (Latinised to Nostradamus) is an apparent reference to two of the French seers Quatrains which seemingly warn that our world could be facing massive upheaval this month. These two Quatrains listed in “The Prophecies, by M. Michel Nostradamus” published in 1566 are:
    A very mighty trembling in the month of May, Saturn in Capricorn, Jupiter and Mercury in Taurus: Venus also, Cancer, Mars in Virgo, Hail will fall larger than an egg.
    Sun twentieth of Taurus the earth will tremble very mightily, It will ruin the great theater filled: To darken and trouble air, sky and land, Then the infidel will call upon God and saints.
    Equally interesting to note are that the Americans this past weekend, spurred on by their mainstream propaganda media, seemed to go into some kind of “Moon worship mode” to begin the month of “Nostradamus’s May” over a supposed “Supermoon” event, which in actuality did see the Moon reach its perigee for 2012 (the closest point it comes towards the Earth in its orbit), but only by a distance of less than 1,400 km from April’s Full Moon.
    Most important to note, however, is that May, indeed, does have some very intriguing and historical astrological signs of note, including a currently ongoing rare alignment of the planets exactly matching those given in Nostradamus’s 1566 prediction, and an equally significant Solar Eclipse due to occur on 20 May that will cross the entire Ring of Fire zone from Asia to North America.
    Most ominous to note about all of these events are their occurring immediately prior to the return from retrograde orbit of the planet Venus, which on 8 June 2004 crossed the surface of the Sun for the first time in 120 years, and on 6 June 2012 will do so again ending its 8 year journey that will not be seen again in any of our lifetimes, but which the ancient Mayans warned would signal the beginning of the end of our present age set to expire of 21 December of this year.
    Curiously, and as if on some “cosmic cue” the Sun this week entered into this complex matrix when one of the largest sunspots ever recorded (AR1476 sprawls more than 100,000 km from end to end) began firing M-Class flares towards Earth, and matching an ominous warning given to the world last week by solar expert Mike Hapgood, a space weather scientist at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory near Oxford, England, that our world is nearer to a catastrophic solar event than anyone realizes.
    Though many have warned that all of these “signs of sky” point towards a possible cataclysmic event occurring this month (14 May and 20 May are named as possible dates), or at the latest sometime in early June, the significance of how (or even why) the prophecies of Nostradamus were injected into a meeting between a top US official and Russia’s president does, indeed, cause one to take notice.
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    11 May 2012

    House of Lords: Speech on Secret Organization 'Foundation X'

    The unprecedented speech given on November 1st to the British House of Lords by Lord James of Blackheath wherein he stated that he had been “approached” by a secret organization he calls “Foundation X” who offered to eliminate the United Kingdom’s entire national debt in a move they said was designed to protect their vast wealth by protecting the entire Global economy.

    Lord Blackheath further stated that this mysterious “Foundation X” was prepared to use its vast cash reserves to accomplish this astounding feat they said has since the 1920’s been backed by their own gold reserves worth more than all that has been mined on Earth in all of history.

    (Note: The U.S. Geological Survey estimates that total world gold production, since the beginning of civilization, has been 154,490 metric tons - 4.97 billion troy ounces -Source).

    In an interview with Sky News this past week Lord Blackheath also stated that his investigation into the mysterious “Foundation X” found all of their claims to be true.

    In a surprise move, however, the British government turned down this unprecedented offer to eliminate their National debt with no further comment given.

    As It Was In The Days Of Lot?..... Gay Rights Campaigners Hail Obama's Fulfillment Of Prophecy

    Gay rights campaigners around the world hail Obama's message of support

    From Russia, to India and Kenya, campaigners welcomed US President Barack Obama's support for same-sex marriage
    Russian police detain a gay rights activist during a protest in St Petersburg
    Russian police detain a gay rights activist during a protest in St Petersburg. Photograph: Stringer/REUTERS
    President Barack Obama's support for same-sex marriage in the US has been hailed by campaigners as a significant boost for gay rights around the world – but they warned there was much work to be done.
    "President Obama joins the British prime minister and the new French president in backing same-sex marriage," said Peter Tatchell, veteran campaigner and national coordinator of the UK's Equal Love campaign, which is seeking to overturn the twin legal bans on gay civil marriages and heterosexual civil partnerships.
    "It's an unstoppable global trend, with more and more countries planning to end the ban on gay couples getting married. There is growing momentum for same-sex marriage in many countries, from Cuba to Nepal, Denmark, Australia and Colombia.
    "Obama's support will boost the worldwide campaign for marriage equality and, through media reporting of his support, raise awareness of gay marriage among billions of people in every corner of the earth."
    Obama's comments came as New Zealand's prime minister, John Key, broke his own long silence on gay marriage and said his government may consider allowing it "at some stage".
    A few mostly European countries – as well as Canada, Argentina and South Africa – already permit gay marriage.
    Despite welcoming the announcement, however, many gay rights campaigners pointed out that in their own countries a debate over single sex marriage had yet to even begin.


    Gay rights activists in Russia welcomed Obama's statement, but feared it would have little effect on their own struggle to reverse the crackdown on gay rights at home.
    "I respect him for his bravery," said Nikolai Alexeyev, a leading gay rights activist in Russia. "But I don't think it will effect our politics, which are totally retrograde."
    In the past few months, five Russian cities have passed laws banning so-called "homosexual propaganda" among minors.
    A nationwide law is due to be considered this year. Activists have called the law a throwback to the Soviet era, when homosexuality was illegal.
    "Of course, it's a strong move for LGBT rights globally, it always helps," said Alexeyev. "When we talk about issues here, we can say – look at how things are done in a civilised country, the president even gives his support. But in the end, it won't change anything – [President Vladimir] Putin can always say, look 90% of my electorate is against gay rights."


    In China the situation is even worse, according to activists.
    "The government treats homosexuality like it does not exist," said Xiong Jing, an activist who volunteers in gay support groups in Beijing. She said legalising gay marriage there would be unrealistic and impossible.
    Sodomy was a crime in China until 1997, and the government considered homosexuality a mental disorder until 2001.
    Today gay people are frequently discriminated against and ostracised in the country, which shows little tolerance for activism of any kind.
    Xiong welcomed Obama's support for gay marriage but wished he had done more. "If he, as president, was able to not just express his own personal opinion but to support policies on this, that would be even better," she said.


    Obama's comments were sharply at odds with the situation in most of Africa, where every country except South Africa has some form of legislation criminalising homosexuality. Many countries – including South Africa – are considering introducing new laws further stigmatising same-sex relationships.
    The plethora of proposed new laws – from Liberia to Nigeria – has the backing of religious and political leaders who have been equally vociferous in their insistence that homosexuality is culturally unacceptable to Africans. Gay rights activists say that the message of tolerance emanating from the White House will only prompt these leaders to defiantly raise the volume on their anti-homosexual stance.
    "Obama's comments will provide another opportunity for religious fundamentalists to raise their homophobic rhetoric," said Damian Ugwu, regional Africa programme coordinator for the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission. "In Nigeria, and Africa as a whole, these remarks are going to get a lot of bashing."
    Nigeria's senate has passed a bill which criminalises gay rights advocacy with up to 10 years' imprisonment, although critics say it is unlikely to become law.
    "Nigeria has a lot of aspiration to exert influence on the world stage in international affairs," Ugwu said. "I doubt that the executive will allow this bill to be passed, bearing in mind the policy implications.
    "Nevertheless, at the moment this bill is still very much alive, and for us as gay rights activists in Africa, it's a welcome development to know we have an ally like Obama. The fact that the most powerful person in the world is recognising the need to respect people and promote the rights of sexual minorities, can only help us."
    In Uganda – where consensual homosexual acts are already a criminal offence – the speaker of parliament has resisted pressure to drop a new bill that creates an offence of "aggravated homosexuality" and would make the "promotion of homosexuality" a criminal offence, criminalising the work of human rights activists.
    "This bill is not out of the picture yet," said Christopher Senyonjo, a retired Anglican bishop who has been vocal in his support of gay rights. "President Obama is seen as a friend to the people of Uganda, and it is good to hear him speaking out. I think his comments will help to combat some of the ignorance here.
    "But what we really need is education, dialogue and time – the ignorance surrounding homosexuality here is a complicated issue. For those of us who are convinced that human sexuality is not exclusive, we will continue to stand up to these problems but it will not be easy."
    In Kenya, where homosexual offences carry penalties of between five and 14 years imprisonment, activists say Obama's comments will have more traction with ordinary people because of his own Kenyan roots.
    "The fact that these comments come from Obama make it much harder for people in Kenya to sit back and say that gay rights are just a western idea," said Monica Mbaru, a gay rights activist in Kenya. "If it had been say President Clinton, people would have said homosexuality is just a white disease, but with Obama there is an ownership for the people here. Just like we have heard statements from others like Desmond Tutu, these are African elders who resonate with the local people, and their statements are taken very seriously – they are opinion shapers in this region."
    "There is still a huge problem here of the law criminalising homosexuality and people being attacked because of their sexual orientation," Mbaru added. "We will be definitely be using his comments to try and get more support from communities in Kenya."


    In India, where homophobia remains widespread, campaigners said they were "heartened and inspired" by Obama's words, but pointed out that a lot of work remained to be done.
    "It's an incredible precedent. It will definitely be having an impact in India. Americans and Europeans and all of us are all the same. We are culturally diverse but all human beings," said Ashok Row Kavi, a veteran campaigner for homosexual rights.
    Kavi said that since a key judgement in Delhi high court in 2009 that effectively decriminalised homosexuality, activists had been keeping a low profile. "We are waiting for the supreme court to uphold the judgment and we don't want to provoke anyone. We will have the whole religious right against us otherwise," Kavi said. "If the judgment is upheld then a whole series of rights will flow from that."

    Rest of the world

    Thai activist Natee Teerarojjanapongs was positive about Obama's statement. "I was starting to lose hope in fighting for gay marriage legalisation in Thailand," Natee said, "but now Barack Obama's endorsement is rekindling my fire and is giving me the encouragement to go on."
    In Argentina, which became the first Latin American country to approve gay marriage in 2010, gay-rights activist Cesar Cigliutti said Obama was playing catch-up.
    "It seems to me that by taking this position Obama is aligning himself with the entire world, with these times we're living in, with the achievements of rights in other countries," Cigliutti said.
    In Australia, however, where there are presently three bills in parliament which would allow same-sex couples to marry, and support is widespread, a change in the law is being blocked because both Prime Minister Julia Gillard and the opposition leader, Tony Abbott, oppose it.
    "I think it just reinforces this as a matter that people form their own views on, a deeply personal question people will think about, work their way through it; obviously President Obama has and he's announced a decision," Gillard said.
    France also has a population largely in support of gay marriage and a head of state who opposes it, but that is about to change. Fran├žois Hollande, who defeated President Nicolas Sarkozy in elections on Sunday, campaigned for marriage rights and set legislative passage for no later than June of next year.
    Though Obama's change of heart does not appear to have changed the battle lines in the debate, those on one side feel they have won a powerful ally.
    "We're living in other times where acceptance is growing more and more," said restaurant owner Carlos Santiago in Mexico City's Pink Zone gay district. "It's impossible to hold back a wave, against something that is natural."
    By  in Moscow,  in Delhi,  in Accra

    Movie 'Prometheus'..... Claims to Reveal True "Alien" Origins of Life on Earth

    Another Hollywood Participatant In Great Deception?

    New Prometheus featurette reveals true origins of life on Earth

    As more trailers and interviews trickle out, the layers are starting to peel slowly back on Ridley Scott's (AlienBlade Runner) super-mysterious Alien prequel Prometheus. The latest featurette goes even deeper and talks about Scott's vision of the origin of life, and how it's not really what we expected.

    The more we learn about Prometheus, the more it seems like it could be one of the most ambitious, gutsy sci-fi movies in recent years.

    "This story kind of walks around the truth of what there may be out there," Scott teases. "The planet where they go is called Zeta 2 Reticuli, and what they find there is an establishment that is not what they expected it to be... It presents some big questions."

    Check out the new featurette below. The film is slated to open June 8.

    (Via Yahoo! Movies)

    10 May 2012

    Does Obama 'Gay Marriage Support' Fulfill Prophecy? Seen As World Precedent...

    Barack Obama

    President Barack Obama's announcement Wednesday that he supports gay marriage boosted the hopes of gay rights groups around the world that other leaders will follow his example. Vatican and other religious officials who oppose gay marriage stayed largely silent, while others denounced the president's position.

    Gay groups lauded what they said was the tremendous precedent set by Obama and hoped for changes in their own countries. In Latin America, for example, governments in Argentina and Mexico City have passed laws permitting gay marriage, but most do not.

    "This is incredibly important, it's excellent news. The United States is a global leader on everything, and that includes gay rights," said Julio Moreira, president of the Rio de Janeiro-based Arco-Iris gay rights group. "This will force other nations like Brazil to move forward with more progressive policies."
    That message was echoed by some people in Europe, Latin America and the Middle East, who said it was about time Obama took a positive stand on the issue.

    "It's a civil liberty," said 25-year-old Duncan Bruce while smoking a cigarette outside of a London pub. "This is not to do with religion - it's about two men loving each other. If you can't get a tax break for that, it's a disgrace."

    Even as religious officials didn't comment, political leaders and others opposed to gay marriage were not shy about denouncing what they said was a shameless appeal by Obama for votes. In particular, politicians tied to Pentecostal and Catholic churches have spoken out strongly against same-sex marriage in Latin America.

    "Barack Obama is an ethical man and a philosophically confused man," said Peruvian congresswoman Martha Chavez of the conservative Catholic Opus Dei movement. "He knows that marriage isn't an issue only of traditions or of religious beliefs. Marriage is a natural institution that supports the union of two people of different sexes because it has a procreative function."

    Religion-based opposition was also strong in Egypt's conservative Muslim-dominated society, which rejects same-sex relations. Laws prohibiting "debauchery" or "shameless public acts" have been used to imprison gay men in recent years.

    "This is unacceptable, because it is against religion, traditions and against God," said engineer Shady Azer in Cairo. "God created Adam and Eve. He didn't create two Adams or two Eves."

    In 2008, four HIV-positive Egyptians were sentenced to three years in prison after being convicted of the "habitual practice of debauchery." Human rights groups warned that the case could undermine HIV prevention efforts in Egypt.

    Actions by governments worldwide have reflected that diversity of opinion.

    In 2010, Argentina became Latin America's first country to approve gay marriage. The next year, Brazil's Supreme Court approved civil unions, followed by several state courts upholding the conversion of civil unions into full marriages. The nation's top appeals court then upheld those marriages in October, setting national precedent.

    Gay marriage became legal in Canada in 2005 under the country's previous Liberal government in response to court rulings that gave gay people the right to marry. Thousands of gay Canadians, as well as foreign visitors, have gotten married since then. Spain has allowed gay marriage since 2005.

    "This stance will shape the way the rest of the world views the U.S., and will eventually force the way Americans see things to change," said Sasha Mohammed, 30, in Toronto. "It is, after all, impossible to overtly hold onto your prejudices when everyone around you condemns you for it."

    Cesar Cigliutti, president of the Gay Community of Argentina group, said Obama was only catching up to the rest of the world.

    "It seems to me that by taking this position Obama is aligning himself with the entire world, with these times we're living in, with the achievements of rights in other countries," Cigliutti said.
    Meanwhile, voters in North Carolina approved a constitutional amendment Tuesday defining marriage as only between a man and a woman, mirroring efforts in several U.S. states.

    In Brazil, the Catholic and evangelical churches and religious politicians continue to block the approval of any legislation in Congress enshrining gay marriage. Moreira noted that efforts by President Dilma Rousseff to promote anti-homophobia education in Brazilian schools were scuttled last year after it became clear religious legislators would block unrelated legislation in protest.

    In France, outgoing President Nicolas Sarkozy opposes gay marriage - though recent polls suggest that a majority of French voters support it. This Sunday's electoral victor, French President-elect Francois Hollande, made "the right to marry and adopt for all couples" part of his campaign platform, and has set legislative passage of a bill ensuring that right for no later than June of next year.

    Spain adopted its gay marriage law when the country was ruled by the center-left Socialist Party, but the center-right Popular Party took control of the government late last year.

    Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy has said he would prefer civil unions instead of marriages, but his administration has made no move to change the current situation. His party does have an appeal of the gay marriage law pending before the country's Constitutional Court.

    Jamaica's most prominent evangelical pastor and the island's political ombudsman, Bishop Herro Blair, said late Wednesday afternoon that he was just hearing about Obama's announcement and was still taking it in.

    "For now, I can say that I cannot be mad at President Obama. We are in a society where people have choices. However, my belief runs contrary to his," Blair said in Kingston, the island's capital.
    In Australia, Prime Minister Julia Gillard said she won't be following Obama's lead in supporting gay marriage.

    "I've made my mind up and my position on this is well known," Gillard told reporters in Canberra. "I think it just reinforces this as a matter that people form their own views on, a deeply personal question people will think about, work their way through it; obviously President Obama has and he's announced a decision."

    In other words, the gay marriage debate promises to rage on around the world despite Obama's groundbreaking announcement. But for one day, at least, those on one side of the battle won a powerful ally.

    "We're living in other times where acceptance is growing more and more," said restaurant owner Carlos Santiago in Mexico City's Pink Zone gay district. "It's impossible to hold back a wave, against something that is natural."

    Anat Chen, a 20-year-old bartender in Jerusalem, said she expected more to come.
    "Everyone should be allowed to marry whoever they want," she said. "It matters that Obama said it. Whatever happens in America, the rest of the world follows."