9 June 2011

NASA infrared weather satellite imagery reveals evidence of a HAARP created heat wave

NASA infrared weather satellite imagery reveals evidence of a HAARP created heat wave.

Southern Ontario is experiencing a record breaking heat wave today, Wednesday June 8, 2011.  Temperatures are expected to reach 33°C. which will break the current record temperature of 32.2 C set on June 8, 1950.  Why a record breaking heat wave so early in the year?  This heat wave can be explained by looking at theNASA Interactive Infrared Weather Satellite Image for June 7, 2011.  The accompanying image is a snapshot of the data that was recorded for June 7, 2011 at 08:45 hours UTC.  The satellite imagery shows us an almost complete red circle over the Southern Ontario region.  What is the NASA Infrared Weather Satellite Image revealing to us?  It is showing us a HAARP ionosphere heating incident over the entire Southern Ontario Region.
This and other NASA infrared weather satellite imagery can be used as a tool to detect a HAARP weather modification attack.  The almost complete circle is man made.  It was made by HAARP – High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program.  HAARP is a joint US Navy and US Air Force military system of phased array antennas that beams gigawatts (1 gigawatt = 1 billion watts) of electricity into the protective ionosphere of Earth’s atmosphere.  The billions of watts of electricity beamed by HAARP heats up a targeted area of the Earth’s atmosphere.  The heating alters the weather over a target area by manipulating the Earth’s atmosphere.  HAARP can punch a hole in the ionosphere with a diameter of 30 miles and rise a couple of hundred kilometers through the atmosphere.  This HAARP created hole allows the Sun’s radiation to pass freely through the Earth’s protective ionosphere and bombard the earth below.
The Earth’s atmosphere blocks out most of the sun’s harmful solar radiation and UV radiation but yesterday, HAARP beaming punched a hole in the atmosphere over Southern Ontario allowing the sun radiation to heat up the entire region.  The result is a record setting, spring heat wave.
You too can keep an eye out for future HAARP ionsphere heating incidents by visiting the NASA Interactive Infrared Weather Satellite Image Viewer at –http://weather.msfc.nasa.gov/GOES/goeseastfullir.html.

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