20 February 2012

'Disclosure' The Final Sequence - with Dr. Steven Greer

  • Dr Steven Greer (Disclsoure Project) presents the history of UFO Disclosure from the early 90s to the present at the European Exopolitics Summit 2009, Barcelona Spain.
  • Dr Greer, an Ex-Emergency Room doctor, goes through his experiences dealing with Washington politicians (Bill and Hilary Clintons, Lawrence Rockefeller..) and the intelligence community (Woolsey, Colby…) on UFOs for the past 18 years. He gives his first hand account on how even the president of the United States is not privy to classified UFO files. He even highlights the case where even the head of military intelligence has been told he does not have access and a need to know on these critical security information.
  • Dr Greer highlights that there is a shadow government which is beyond the control of elected officials. And which even elected officials are afraid of. This shadow government controls shadow black box projects that obtains funding through illegal black funds (or ‘missing’ unaccounted for funds) that runs in the hundreds of billions of dollars every year.
  • The world is of the cusp of UFO disclosure. This past 12 months have seen many countries released their classified UFO files. Many more countries are lining up to release their mammoth files on UFOs. What are these UFOs really? Dr Greer suggests that they are inter-dimensional beings. I tend to agree with him. What we describe as ETs are said to be angelic beings in the past.
  • Many UFOs that are shining orbs of light have been reported. And their numbers are rising dramatically this year. In the past, these shiny round objects in the sky are described as ‘stars’. They are conscious and intelligent. But what are they really?

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