14 March 2012

Expert on Jesuits speaks out on Petrus Romanus, and Manipulating the Papacy

The Jesuits are a key factor in understanding the events leading up to the final Pope, detailed in the upcoming “Petrus Romanus: The Final Pope Is Here” by Tom Horn and Chris Putnum. So we turned to Eric Jon Phelps, author of “Vatican Assassins: Wounded in the House of My Friends.” The two books share much in common from perspective to extensive documentation.  Recently Phelps agreed to share his expertise, enabling us to better understand the final Pope.

Your book, “Vatican Assassins,” implicates the Jesuits in the murder and/or attempted murder of at least five popes.  In the way of background, could you tell us exactly how the Society of Jesus, as it’s officially known, got started?

The Society of Jesus was started by Ignatius Loyola, of Spain, a Spanish nobleman, who was a Knights Templar.  He felt he would be the savior of the Roman Catholic Church, which was suffering with the Pope losing his temporal power throughout Europe, due to the preaching of the Gospel and the Bible being in the hands of the common man, particularly in England and Germany.

How did an organization founded in 1540 with the blessing of Pope Paul III, get to the point where it could challenge a pontiff?

By its gradual increase in power over time.  It became so powerful that all the monarchs in the earth, for the most part, had Jesuit confessors.  They became so powerful that the Popes and the European monarchs were fearful of them.

Is joining the Jesuits similar to joining a secret society, where initiates know little of the real agenda of the inner circle?

Absolutely, many of your Jesuits have no idea about this.  I’m a friend of a Jesuit.  He had no idea of the ultimate aim of the Jesuit Order.  Most of the lower Jesuits have no idea of this purpose.  They realize though that their first allegiance is to the Pope.  And no Roman Curia, nobody outside the Order can tell them what to do.  They are only subject to their immediate superior.  So it’s a jurisdiction within a jurisdiction, like the SS was not subject to anybody in the Nazi Party. 

Your book mentions poisoning as a favorite way to kill a pope. Could you give us some examples?

Pope John Paul I.  Pope John Paul I was a Venetian.  And the Order has always had problems with Venetians, because Venetians tend to want to do what they want to do and not take orders from the Jesuit General. Pope John Paul I was going to get to the bottom of the Vatican banking scandal.  He was in the process of removing Pedro Arrupe of his command as the head of the Jesuits.

Of course John Paul I was the Pope who died 33 days after taking office.   Turning to another subject, the head of the Jesuits is officially known as the Superior General, but informally as the Black Pope, because he dresses in black.  Over the course of history, who has been more powerful — the Black Pope or the real Pope?

Oh, the Black Pope.  Margaret Anna Cusack, a nun who was converted to Christ, wrote in her masterpiece “The Black Pope: History of the Jesuits” that the Black Pope is in complete control of the White Pope and the White Pope does what he says because Satan established the Luciferian Society of the New Templars, called the Society of Jesus, to keep the Pope on track.

Many traditionalists in the Catholic Church fear Masonic/Illuminati infiltration.  They may remember how both Popes Pius IX and Leo XIII asked for the publication of the Alta Vendita, which was eventually published as part of a larger work in 1859. The popes wanted to expose the document which allegedly originated with the Italian Carbonari, a Masonic-like group.  It describes such an infiltration plan. Are you aware of an infiltration that predates the Alta Vendita?

You will remember the Papacy always has an open, but false policy and its secret, but true policy.  The open, but false policy is that the papacy has been infiltrated by Masons.  The secret, but true policy is that the Jesuits are the authors of Scottish Rite Freemasonry.  They authored the first 25 degrees in the College of Clermont in Paris.  And they authored the last eight degrees when they were under the protection of Frederick the Great in Prussia.  There’s a book called Blood on the Altar, written by Craig Heimbichner.  He says that Cardinal Secretary of State Mariano Rampolla was a member of the Order of Oriental Templars (OTO).  The OTO, at the time, around 1902, was at the top of all the Freemasonic bodies.  Freemasonry is now completely under the control of the Black Pope.

Prophecy buffs are getting excited as they rediscover the story of Saint Malachy and his list of popes.  This 12th century bishop of Armagh in Ireland supposedly received a vision of future pontiffs.  According to the list, there will only be one more pope after the current Pope, Benedict XVI. There’s evidence to indicate the new Pope, referred to in the prophecy by the descriptive term, Peter the Roman, will take Benedict’s place this year. Have you heard of any undercurrents of Jesuit involvement in either pressuring Benedict to step down or assassination plans?

We have to remember that the Benedict Popes usually have short reigns and die suddenly, like Benedict XV.  He was poisoned right before the outbreak of World War I.  So, I maintain this Benedict XVI is going to be removed prior to this huge upheaval that is going to take place when war is declared in Iran, and Russia and China side with Iran. 

Do you have any evidence for this, other than historical precedence involving Popes named Benedict?

I have an article that the pontiff’s chair is going to be vacant in a year. They chose him as an interim Pope anyway.  All the Popes are willing to die; they are willing to be injected for “the good of the Church.”

From your research on the Jesuits, who do you think the current Black Pope, Adolfo Nicolá, would favor as Benedict’s successor?

Adolfo Nicolá is a karate master.  He’s fluent in Japanese to the place where he has no accent.  He works out every day.  The guy’s a soldier. He is a real Templar.  When he’s involved in the choosing of this new Pope, I maintain the Pope will be very warrior-like and he’ll be Italian.  I tend to think (Cardinal Angelo) Sodano will be the one that’s chosen. 

This brings us to the subject of Malachi Martin, a Jesuit priest.  He admitted his fictional book, “Windswept House,” contained a scene that was based on fact.  “The Enthronement of the Fallen Archangel Lucifer,” as he called it, describes simultaneous occult ceremonies in Rome and Charleston, South Carolina on June 29, 1963, intended to put a devilish spirit in a young woman, so she could bear the child who would become Peter the Roman, the False Prophet of Revelation.  Do you think there’s some truth to that?

I do because Charleston was the headquarters for Scottish Rite Freemasonry till it was moved to Washington.  So, I don’t doubt that there was probably some very powerful occult goings on in Charleston and Rome.  Just remember, Rome is the seat of the Devil.  So Satan’s earthly throne is in Rome, just as Malachi Martin said in his book, “Windswept House.”

Is there anything else you’d like to add? 

We’re moving towards what the Jesuits want — a world government. They’re going to foment this war which is now developing.  One of the purposes for the war is to destroy the two temple mount mosques in Jerusalem and blame the US for it.  The Vatican owns the temple mount.  It was deeded to the Vatican in 1993 by Yitzhak Rabin and Shimon Peres.  So the Pope will then rebuild the temple.  He’ll have the third Hebrew Temple for himself, just as the Knights Templars have always wanted.

by Steve Eastman 

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