12 March 2012

Is the Secret to Longevity Exposure to Sunlight?

What do people with cancer, heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and influenza all have in common? A Vitamin D deficiency. Why? Lack of direct sunlight exposure. Why are women and seniors more prone to disease and infections? Women work most of their lives indoors and seniors spend the rest of their lives indoors. Women work as house wives or office workers. Most of the daylight hours are spent indoors caring for children, cleaning, cooking, answering phones, typing and data entry. Women and seniors don’t get the life essential exposure to the Sun’s UV rays. Lack of sunlight is why women and seniors are prone to breast cancer, cancer, high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, depression, heart disease, water retention, influenza, migraines, blood clots, pneumonia and other diseases and ailments. Why is sunlight exposure so important? Cancer preventing and cancer curing Vitamin D can only be produced in sufficient amounts with outdoors exposure to sunlight.
Not only do plants need sunlight to be healthy, humans also need it. Long ago, sunlight exposure was the only way humans got adequate amounts of vitamin D. Most foods are vitamin D-free or contain small traces of it – not enough for best health! The human skin is designed to photosynthesize large amounts of vitamin D from sunlight exposure.
Vitamin D is naturally produced by your body’s largest organ, the skin. Typical summer sun exposure of 20 minutes (without sunscreen and with face, arms and legs uncovered) produces 20,000 IU of vitamin D.
Vitamin D is a powerful hormone that regulates and repairs bodily cells. Vitamin D is needed for optimum functioning of the immune and cardiovascular systems, increases white blood cell production and supports the prostate as well as healthy skin and bones. UVB rays from sunshine is essential to convert cholesterol in your skin to vitamin D. The skin cannot produce natural vitamin D without UVB rays. The people who receive $billions a year for cancer research knows that and because of this reason they are falsely claiming UVB rays are harmful. In order for them to keep on getting $billions from your government in the form of tax dollars funded health care bills they are telling everyone to lather on layers and layers of clothing and toxic sunscreen to block out the sun’s essential ultra violet light. They want us to cover our Vitamin D producing skin in order to interfere and prevent our body from fighting and destroying cancer cells.
A group of scientists from UCLA published a paper, “Toll-like receptor triggering of a vitamin D-mediated human antimicrobial response“, wherein they revealed that Vitamin D, a naturally occurring steroid hormone was a very potent antibiotic. Dr. Philip Liu and colleagues at UCLA wrote that instead of directly killing bacteria and viruses, the steroid hormone Vitamin D increases the body’s production of a remarkable class of proteins, called antimicrobial peptides. The 200 known antimicrobial peptides directly and rapidly destroy the cell walls of bacteria, fungi, and viruses, including all influenza viruses, and play a key role in keeping the lungs free of infection.
Every week around 10,000 people die of cancer. Government figures show the death rate for cancer deaths has not changed in the last 10 years. Chemo and radiation only extend the life, by a few years, of around 10% of the people treated. That means far more people die than are cured when Chemo and radiation treatment is used. That means as many as 90% of the people who have been diagnosed with having cancer will die. That statistic alone should be enough to warrant an immediate change in how cancer is treated. If there is only a 10% success rate then traditional treatment must be avoided and treatment with a much higher percentage of success must be used.
If the death rate isn’t alarming enough and cause for a change the cost of cancer treatment makes it imperative that we change tactics. The American Cancer Society (link – http://www.cancer.org/cancer/cancerbasics/economic-impact-of-cancer) published estimates for the 2010 overall annual costs of cancer as:
Total cost: $263.8 billion – up from $228.1 billion in 2008
Direct medical costs (total of all health expenditures): $102.8 billion
Indirect morbidity costs (cost of lost productivity due to illness): $20.9 billion
Indirect mortality costs (cost of lost productivity due to premature death): $140.1 billion
These dollar figures gives the American Cancer Society a very good motive to 1) never report that there is a cure for cancer and 2) fraudulently claim that UVB rays from sunshine is harmful and cancer causing when in fact UVB rays exposure is essential for the body to produce vitamin D.
A least 20 minutes of Sun exposure a day is essential for not only preventing cancer but also for “curing” cancer. If you have adequate amounts of vitamin D in your body, the cancer cells in your body stop growing and dividing uncontrollably, stops invading and destroying other bodily tissues, stops spreading throughout your body, and begins the process of getting rid of (curing) the cancer – naturally. Vitamin D, made naturally through skin exposure to the Sun’s UV rays, causes the cancer cells to lose their immortality, and begin to die normally. Cured of cancer using; no drugs, no radiation, and no Chemo.
These days we can no longer rely on our food supply as good sources of vitamin D. Either the soil is contaminated or too nutrient depleted to grow any food of good nutritional value. To make matters worse the FDA is now pasteurizing everything from milk, to eggs, to fruits and vegetables. Heat from pasteurization destroys the last remaining beneficial nutrients in our food. So where can we get an adequate supply of cancer curing Vitamin D? You can buy vitamin D tablets at vitamin and retail stores. It’s more convenient to buy tablets that have the highest dose per tablet. For example, bottles of vitamin D containing 2,000 IU per tablet. So you need to take only five tablets to equal 10,000 IU.
Sunlight exposure is the best way to get adequate amounts of cancer curing Vitamin D, as the body automatically regulates how much Vitamin D it makes from sunlight, and there is the added benefit of controlling cholesterol. Since vitamin D precursors require cholesterol for conversion into the hormone-like vitamin, without adequate sun exposure vitamin D precursors can turn into cholesterol instead of the vitamin.
It is estimated that for each 5% of skin surface exposed, approximately 435 IU of Vitamin D can be manufactured. Just 20 minutes of direct sun exposure to your skin will manufacture 20,000 IU of Vitamin D – enough to prevent and even cure you of cancer. In other words if you don’t have money to buy Vitamin D supplements or your diet doesn’t have enough Vitamin D, turn off your computers, TVs, video games, and go outside.
Exposing yourself to sunlight (do not use sunscreen as sunscreen is what causes skin cancer and blocks the UV rays from making Vitamin D naturally) is the most important source of vitamin D because sunlight is far more likely to provide you with your vitamin D requirement than food is. Food Vitamin D sources include Milk (nonfat, reduced fat, and whole), Eggs, Pure Cod liver oil, Salmon, Mackerel, Tuna fish, Sardines, Margarine, Liver and Swiss Cheese.
$billions are being wasted on research and treatment because cancer has many cures – all natural, all safe, all available for as little as a few dollars, and all have been proven time and again. If, as many people believe, mainstream cancer treatment is ineffective and always harmful to the body as a whole, then what is the alternative? Alternative cancer cures are presented and validated every day. Articles are published every day declaring many safe and effective alternative cancer treatments and cures. Articles with headlines like:
What are all these articles saying? They are stating that cancer can easily be beaten. They are stating the obvious fact that there are many cures for cancer – all of them natural. These articles all suggest and then verify that cancer cells are very weak, far weaker than healthy cells. It is very easy to kill cancer cells if you can create the right environment.
Research scientists have known for decades that your body is itself a cancer cell killer. A naturally produced hormone found in the human body is able to zero in on and kill cancer cells, without the use of chemotherapy drugs. The health care industry knows this. The pharmaceutical companies knows this. Even your government knows this. The only people who don’t know this is you. If you did, you or someone you know wouldn’t be dying of cancer.

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