20 April 2012

And yet another Mega-Earthquake Drill....

Mega Earthquake “drill” pre-planned for March 20, 2012 in Mexico

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The government of Chiapas, Mexico had issued a bulletin to its citizens on March 16, 2012 inviting them to participate in a mega earthquake simulation drill that was to be held on March 20 at 12:00 hours.  Amazingly, with only a difference of two minutes of the drill time, Tuesday, March 20, 2012 at 12:02:48 PM, at epicenter, a Magnitude 7.4 earthquake struck – OAXACA, MEXICO.http://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/recenteqsww/Quakes/usc0008m6h.php#details
The following is the announcement of the drill by the government of SAN CRISTOBAL DE LAS CASAS, Chiapas:
Ready for the mega drill
As part of the Third Meeting of Cabinet authorities of the three orders of government are prepared to carry out the Mega Drill to be held on March 20 in about 12 hours.
Having made the installation of the “State Emergency Committee”, Federal, State, municipal and civil associations made the last Cabinet meeting in order to provide a structure in the control and coordination of resources in case of a situation contingency.
As a special guest at this workshop is counted with the presence of the Director General of the Centre and seismic recording instrumentation AC (CIRES) Juan Manuel Espinosa Aranda who performed in conjunction with the communications working group a presentation on seismic warning system, which collects information and is used to develop systems for prevention in case of earthquakes.
For the realization of this workshop were installed 14 working groups in which each entity delegated to a representative and liaison which will serve to meet the requirements for the completion of the Mega Drill.
Through the State Emergency Committee established a unified coordination group in order to consolidate all operational elements relating to health and emergency management to the restoration of Strategic Services.
Note that the Mega Drill will be the perfect setting to test the work of this committee, which will allow us to assess the current status of State Civil Protection System to meet a contingency situation.
In this exercise involving staff from the Ministry of National Defense, Secretary of the Navy, Federal Police, Ministry of Communications and Transport, Civil Aviation Directorate General, National Telecommunications Commission, Ministry of Infrastructure, Field Secretary, Ministry of Health, Secretary of Environment and Nature history, Secretary of Transportation, Red Cross, Fire Department, among many others.
In the event attended by over 100 institutions and units of the three levels of government throughout the state of Chiapas, with the sole purpose of continuing the work to implement the Mega Drill on 20 March at about 12 pm the day.
In this framework, unveiled the strategies of public administration to implement theMega Drill with Hypothesis 7.9 ° Richter quake, which referred the action to be taken each agency and the work done in case of a emergency.
Just a coincidence or are governments now able to control seismic activity in advance?
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