11 May 2012

House of Lords: Speech on Secret Organization 'Foundation X'

The unprecedented speech given on November 1st to the British House of Lords by Lord James of Blackheath wherein he stated that he had been “approached” by a secret organization he calls “Foundation X” who offered to eliminate the United Kingdom’s entire national debt in a move they said was designed to protect their vast wealth by protecting the entire Global economy.

Lord Blackheath further stated that this mysterious “Foundation X” was prepared to use its vast cash reserves to accomplish this astounding feat they said has since the 1920’s been backed by their own gold reserves worth more than all that has been mined on Earth in all of history.

(Note: The U.S. Geological Survey estimates that total world gold production, since the beginning of civilization, has been 154,490 metric tons - 4.97 billion troy ounces -Source).

In an interview with Sky News this past week Lord Blackheath also stated that his investigation into the mysterious “Foundation X” found all of their claims to be true.

In a surprise move, however, the British government turned down this unprecedented offer to eliminate their National debt with no further comment given.

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