2 February 2012

Debunking "2012"

There are some things you need to know about the rumors of the "End of the World" or "Doomsday" in 20121

The "2012 Doomsday" is a hoax, a fraud, and an absolute con job. It is a cruel and disgusting lie being promoted by scam artists after money; First they scare people to death that something terrible is going to happen, then publish books and videos on "how to survive the apocalypse". Get the scam?! You're not going to fall for something like that… right?
The problem is that some people will fall for the scam. Some people will believe it. Some people will waste their money buying fake information on "how to survive". Some people will buy worthless survival kits, and some will even buy spaces in shelters that are not going to be built - ever!.

Some people will die because of these rumours, and we are trying our best to stop them

If you think we are being overly dramatic, then consider this example. In September, 2008, a young woman in India became distraught and depressed after watching well made but over-hyped reports about the Large Hadron Collider. She believed these shows when they said that the LHC would cause a 'miniature big bang' or create a black hole, and destroy the world. She drank insecticide. She was 16


By 2012hoax.org

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