4 February 2012

Revolutionary Warfare - 'Nano Quadrotors' Swarm

Like some epic computer-generated movie scene, futuristic aircraft swarm around in synchronised fashion and perform impressive mid-air stunts.

But the spectacle is real and the robotic nano quadrotors – despite being not much bigger than your hand – could one day revolutionise warfare.

It is hoped they may be useful in locations where construction is hazardous for humans, such as in war zones, oil rigs or on extremely tall skyscrapers.

The autonomous quadrotor is controlled to precisely fly along aggressive trajectories.  Flips, flight through windows, and perching on surfaces are demonstrated in the video.  This is work by Daniel Mellinger, Dr. Nathan Michael, and Professor Vijay Kumar.

The Experiments were performed with a team of nano quadrotors at the General Robotics, Automation, and Sensing (GRASP) Lab, University of Pennsylvania. The Vehicles were developed by KMel Robotics, with special thanks to Professor Daniel Lee for his support.
A nano quadrotor is a multicopter that is propelled by four rotors and 'Nanotechnology'

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